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Healthy Holiday Drinks, Festive Cocktails and Mocktail Recipes

The holiday season is upon us and it’s time to celebrate! If you are hosting Christmas Eve dinner, Christmas day brunch, or even a New Year’s Eve party, these healthy holiday drinks are sure to add to the festive vibe. Browse through this collection and find your signature cocktail (or mocktail!) to wow your friends and family.

10 Healthy Holiday Drinks

When it comes to healthy holiday drinks, take the term “healthy” with a grain of salt. All the drinks in this section do contain liqueur, but they also contain healthful ingredients like beets, pomegranate, red wine, ginger, and other nutritional powerhouses.

1. Holiday Coconut Cooler

From Cooking Light, this Caribbean-styled cocktail is one of the tastiest holiday drinks with rum on the list. This festive drink features fresh mint, lime, and a ton of coconut flavor from the coconut water, milk, and rum.

2. Applejack-Spiked Hot Cider

On a cold winter’s eve, nothing beats a warm holiday drink like a spiked cider. In this recipe, butter is melted and then a ton of holiday spices are steeped in the butter before the apple cider, honey, citrus peels, and brandy are added. If you're feeling especially festive, add a cinnamon stick!

3. Sparkling Pomegranate Cocktail

Festive, beautiful, and not too sweet, this recipe belongs on any easy Christmas drinks list. From Fine Cooking comes this delicious sparkling pomegranate cocktail that is packed with antioxidants from the pomegranate juice. As written, the recipe calls for quite a bit of sugar syrup, but feel free to use a healthier sweetener like honey or natural maple syrup instead.

4. Red Sangria

Red wine is one of the healthier alcohols you can choose; it is loaded with antioxidants, including the famous resveratrol. From Cookie + Kate comes this delicious red sangria Christmas cocktail packed with fresh fruit, red wine, and brandy.

5. Ginger Bell Cocktail

Ginger is a superfood brimming with antioxidants—and it tastes great. This ginger-based cocktail from HGTV uses fresh mint, lemon, and ginger along with bourbon and ginger beer. It is slightly sweet with a hint of heat to wake up the palate for a holiday party to remember.

6. Iced Mint Protein Mocha

From PaleOMG comes this protein-rich mocha that is one of the best non-alcoholic holiday drinks on the list. Yes, it has protein powder, coffee, and almond milk, all of which will give you a boost of energy so you can power through any holiday extravaganza.

7. Aperol-Kombucha Cocktail

During the holidays, don’t ignore your gut health—we need all the probiotics we can get this time of year. From Bon Appetit comes this amazing Aperol, tequila, and probiotic-rich kombucha cocktail. Aperol is an Italian aperitif made from rhubarb, and when partnered with the kombucha this cocktail has a pleasant effervescent quality and truly unique flavor.

8. Red Ryder

If you really want to boost your immune system, make this festive red holiday punch for your Christmas party. Cranberry and pomegranate juice provide the color and the sweetness but the healthy star here is the rooibos tea. If you are looking for holiday drinks with rum, this is the perfect big-batch recipe, as it makes 20 servings.

9. Thyme to Beet It

The mixologists at Saveur have created a surprisingly sexy holiday cocktail using beets! We know you may be hesitant to try a beet and thyme cocktail, but trust us and give this unique and healthy holiday drink recipe a try.

10. Fermented Bloody Mary with Kimchi

This is the second probiotic-rich cocktail recipe on this list of holiday drinks, and it is perfect for Christmas morning or New Year’s day brunch. The shockers here are the kimchi brine, pickle brine, and the fennel pollen. After just one sip, you may never again go back to your average Bloody Mary.

5 Festive Mocktails

If you are planning a party this season, remember it is essential to offer designated drivers (and underage folks) festive holiday drinks beyond the classic hot cocoa. These non-alcoholic holiday drinks are delicious and exude holiday spirit.

1. Spiced Chai Tea Latte

Before everyone heads home, you might want to offer a warm non-alcoholic drink with a bit of caffeine in it. The Kitchen shares the secrets to making the best chai latte packed with superfood spices including cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and cardamom.

2. Cranberry Apple Cider Punch

This holiday mocktail from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe is sparkly, sweet, and just a bit tart. This punch recipe features cranberry juice, apple cider, lemon juice, ginger ale, and fresh cranberries. Fill up a punch bowl or make pitchers of it and place on the buffet table for everyone to enjoy with their meal.

3. Blood Orange Italian Soda

The Blonde Chef has created a beautiful non-alcoholic holiday drink with in-season blood oranges, sparkling water, and unsweetened coconut milk. It is sweet, bubbly, and delicious.

4. Pomegranate Sparkling Mocktail

Pomegranate juice is known for its health benefits, but here it is celebrated for its color and flavor. Everyday Dishes has created a surprisingly light cocktail with pomegranate juice, sparkling water, and candy canes as a garnish. As a warning, it does call for a lot of sugar, but you can use a natural sweetener like stevia instead.

5. Apple Cider Fake-tini

Are you a martini lover? Pull out your martini shaker and fancy martini glasses and shake up this non-alcoholic fake-tini made with apple cider, ginger, and cinnamon.

10 Healthy Holiday Drinks

3 Traditional Christmas Drinks

If you are looking to add an air of nostalgia this year, we have you covered with these more traditional Christmas drinks.

1. Traditional Eggnog

Eggnog and the holidays are synonymous in the United States, and this traditional eggnog recipe from Genius Kitchen hits all the right notes. This holiday drink recipe makes 20 servings and uses an entire dozen eggs to make this traditional Christmas drink. You won’t be disappointed with the texture or the flavor. Nutmeg gives the eggnog its iconic flavor, and the cream, sugar, vanilla, and whiskey complete the recipe perfectly.

2. Spiced Cranberry Hot Toddy

She Wears Many Hats has created this holiday-inspired hot toddy and is one of the more inventive holiday drinks with rum. Cranberry juice is steeped with cinnamon, star anise, allspice, and fresh ginger to give this drink its spicy notes before dark rum is brought to the party.

3. Mulled Wine

In Germany, lists of traditional holiday drinks wouldn’t be complete without a Gluhwein or mulled wine recipe. This gorgeous spiced wine from the Edgy Veg features citrus, ginger, cinnamon, star anise, vanilla pods, and even a bay leaf. Served warm, mulled wine is perfect after caroling in your neighborhood.

5 Festive Cocktail Recipes

Now we have come to the category where you just might find your new signature cocktail. The holiday drinks in this category are stunningly beautiful and unique.

1. Rose and Mint Champagne Cocktail

We said earlier that beets make a sexy cocktail, and they do, but edible dried rosebuds take the sexiness quota up another notch. From HGTV comes this inventive champagne cocktail with honey, mint leaves, lime juice, and dried roses. This beautiful holiday drink deserves your best champagne flutes to do it justice.

2. Reindeer Bubbles Cocktail

How do you make reindeer bubble cocktails? Champagne and pomegranate seeds of course! This is another creative holiday cocktail from HGTV that can easily be adapted for younger members of your party by substituting sparkling cider for the champagne.

3. Santa Clausmopolitans

We simply had to add this recipe from Delish to our list of holiday drinks because of its name and beautiful color. As a bonus, the Santa Clausmopolitan features fresh cranberries, which the American Cancer Society lists as one of the top anti-cancer fruits to include in your diet. So drink up for your health’s sake.

4. White Christmas Margaritas

If you aren’t going to have snowfall on Christmas day, at least you can enjoy this White Christmas Margarita. This holiday drink contains the usual margarita ingredients but adds canned coconut milk to make it white and creamy. Float some fresh cranberries on top, or hang a miniature peppermint candy cane off the side for extra holiday spirit.

5. The Grinch

Up until now this list of holiday drinks has included white drinks and red drinks, and now we finally have a green one. From The Spruce Eats comes the Grinch Cocktail made with lemon juice, Midori, and a maraschino cherry—shaken, not stirred. If you want to boost the alcohol content of this drink you can add a shot of vodka, rum, or even absinthe—if you dare.

4 New Year’s Eve Cocktails

We can’t close out this list of holiday drinks without giving you some ideas for your New Year’s Eve celebrations. Of course, these cocktails are all about bubbles!

1. Raspberry Limoncello Prosecco

This recipe may sound exotic, but it is one of the easy holiday cocktails on the list. Chilled prosecco, limoncello, frozen raspberries, and fresh mint is all it takes to make a fruity bubbly cocktail that is a perfect balance of sweetness and tartness.

2. Sparkling Cherry Cocktail

From down under comes our last red cocktail on our list of holiday drinks. This recipe takes just a bit of prep work as frozen cherries are transformed into fresh cherry syrup. Once the syrup is chilled, a tablespoon is added to a champagne flute and then champagne is poured over. The result is festive and delicious.

3. Tiffany Mimosas

For New Year’s Eve, you may want to stray away from all the festive red holiday drinks and opt for this blue champagne cocktail. Be warned, this cocktail is anything but a traditional mimosa. Lemonade is the citrus juice used here and blue Curacao is what gives this cocktail its gorgeous blue hue. Take the time and add the white sugar rim and this fizzy drink will transport you to breakfast at Tiffany’s.

4. Sparkling Julep

If you love mint juleps but want some bubbles to ring in the new year, this Sparkling Julep recipe from Bon Appetit will hit the mark. The mint leaves are muddled into simple syrup and then mixed with cognac and bitters. Just before serving, pour in the sparkling wine or champagne to preserve the bubbles as long as possible.

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